Brock Lesnar & Frank Mir

“I’m going to soon be the the destroyer of Brock Lesnar’s legacy and career…. Obviously, I’m slightly scared — just look at Brock … he is a scary guy. When he was beating me down I went to tap. Oh, well, that’s right. Brock asked the referee to come over and save him! At [UFC 81] I wasn’t really working with a jiu-jitsu coach. I was my own coach. I now have Demian Maia who is my head jiu-jitsu coach. My game has gone drastically to different levels. I thought I was actually good at it until I started rolling with him.”

–Frank Mir, during an “Inside the Octagon” clip (via MMA Mania), vows to take out Brock Lesnar for a second time with his improved jiu-jitsu game credited to his coach, jiu-jitsu wizard Demian Maia.

One question. Brock Lesnar already has a legacy?

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