Wanderlei SilvaWanderlei Silva has weighed in on this weekend’s co-main events, and he’s picking one former teammate to win, and betting against the other.

Can you guess who he picked?

Here’s Wandy’s thoughts on the Liddell-Shogun fight.

“If Shogun shows up life everybody knows, he’ll demolish Chuck Liddell, just like he did against Quinton Jackson at Pride. He beated everybody there, one after the another, Overeem, Arona, everybody. If he comes back in that shape, he’ll shock the world. If he didn’t prepared himself well, it’s more dangerous, because Liddell is tall, punches hard, the glove is small and you have to be careful with the defense, because Shogun’s style is go on top of the guy and the other’s is to fight on the counter punching”

And here’s who Wandy sees winning the middleweight title fight. I honestly think he might be the only person I’ve actually seen seriously pick Leites to win.

“Everybody is saying that Anderson will beat Thales easily, that Thales won’t have any chances. Thales is a tall guy, a young kid, he’s in a great team and André (Pedereiras) is one of the best MMA coaches in the world… This is a life time opportunity for him. He’s young, trained his whole life and his Jiu-Jitsu is different… His BJJ is in another level… If the fight goes to the ground, Thales will get him”

What do you think? Do you agree with Wand, or is he as crazy as his fighting style?

Image courtesy of CombatLifestyle.com