Wanderlei Silva

Disrespect again. Disrespect to the public and so bad for the UFC, because everybody is waiting to see a great show. If you are going to fight in the main event you have a lot of responsibility because the fans pay to see [the fights] and this [performance] is bad for the sport. Everybody needs to have serious conduct in the fights, respect the fight…With me he does not want to play. He does not want to put down his hands because if he puts down his hands, I will beat him.

—Wanderlei Silva, via Fighters Only Magazine, turning up the heat between him and former Chute Boxe teammate and training partner Anderson Silva.

I don’t know about you, but I need to see this fight. It can’t possibly be boring.

Update: Anderson didn’t bite, at least not Wandy’s “declaring war” statements.

Look, I have nothing against Wanderlei, I think every person speak what they want. He can say whatever he wants, but I don’t consider a declared war, even because I’m very well settled in relation to what I did and do in the UFC. Regardless of everything, I want to make very clear to everyone that I didn’t get here for nothing, I’m no fool. I started like any other fighter, did a well done job and Wanderlei is a great champion, deserves all my respect. People say that I commented about training… I didn’t comment about training, even because this has no sense. Is a code of honor that all black belt has… People say what they want. I respect everyone, Demian, Thales, Wanderlei, all my opponents. I never lacked with respect to anyone, but also I’m not afraid of anyone. I’m here to fight anyone, I always fought, but about this, “war”… First, to have a war there must be disagreements. I’m ok, I’m not worried about this and people have to stop talking about me…

…I always cheer for him to win his fights, I’ll pretend that this never happened, because it’s ridiculous. Sometimes people make us say about some things, but I never said anything that was supposedly disrespect to Wanderlei. Indeed, I talked about Demian, because I think is a bit of pretension Demian commenting that wants to dispute for the belt. I’ve never done this, I always respect everyone. When I fought for the first time in the UFC, I didn’t ask for the belt, I deserved that. I’ve never challenged any champion, I think that with this I would be pretentious and wouldn’t be myself. But I’m ok, each one knows what to do. I wish all these people who are talking to be happy, I’m not worried about that. My job is well done and I’m not worried in doing gossip.

Maybe Wanderlei’s comments above will change his mind.