Kyle Maynard

You know, without going into too much of my game plan, I am never going to be an Ernesto Hoost-level kickboxer; I assure you of that. But one of the biggest misnomers I have seen is that people think I can’t strike. I got arms that end right above my elbow and I have had an over 400-pound butterfly press. I assure you can strike (and) I can defend myself. As far as the grappling goes, I got my blue belt about two years ago and I’m training with a world champion, Paul Creighton, whose fought BJ Penn. So, as far as conditioning goes, I think I’ve got the upper hand. I’m fighting in a bigger weight class than I have ever competed in before, but I still feel pretty healthy. You know, in high school I wrestled at 103 (pounds) and this fight is going to be at 135. I have been able to put on the weight as efficiently as I could without losing too much speed and mobility. So, I feel confident. The cards are there for me to go out and have a pretty awesome performance … I think that one of advantage I have is that I have got the ability to prepare for (his opponent) in any different situation and he really doesn’t have a clue what I am going to bring to the fight.

—Kyle Maynard, a congenital amputee, talking to MMA Fanhouse about his gameplan for his amateur MMA debut this Saturday night at the Auburn Covered Arena in Auburn, Alabama.

Opinions are across the board on whether Maynard should even be allowed to compete in a mixed martial arts fight. There are legitimate concerns, but I say we only get one shot to do what we want in this lifetime. This is what Kyle wants to do, so who would I be to tell him he can’t? Let’s not forget there will be a referee, it’s not like he’s getting locked in a cage in a fight to the death.