Rampage Jackson & Rashad Evans

“I looked at [Rampage] and he walked out of the room. He was like, ‘that’s messed up putting us together.’ They tried to separate us, and the UFC walked him out in the hallway and walked me out in the hallway. And they walked me into the same hallway he was at…I looked at him and I was like, what, man? He was like, ‘Rashad don’t talk to me, man! Don’t talk to me! Don’t say nothin’ to me! You don’t know me! You don’t know me!’ The (expletive) I need to know you for?…I don’t dislike him, but I really want to whup his ass, you know what I’m saying?. I don’t know where that falls. I like Quinton. He’s a funny guy, and a great person, but I really want to beat his ass. Is that too much of a hypocrisy?”

—Rashad Evans telling MMA Weekly how he and Quinton “Rampage” Jackson nearly got in a fight at a recent UFC photo shoot.

Word on the street is Rampage is penciled in for a title shot against the Evans-Machida winner for possibly either UFC 102 or UFC 103. So, will Rashad be able to take out Lyoto Machida to get to opportunity to “whup Rampage’s ass?” I wouldn’t bet on it, but if he does, it looks like we can look forward to the most heated and hyped light heavyweight title fight since Liddell vs. Jackson 2.