DREAM Lightweight BeltsDREAM has officially mapped out this year’s plans for the their lightweight title.

At the present time, Joachim Hansen is the organization’s lightweight champion, however if he wants to be holding the belt at year’s end, he’s going to have to emerge victorious against two of the division’s elite fighters.

The rumored fight between Tatsuya Kawajiri and J.Z.Calvan was officially announced at a press conference at the DEEP Official Gym for DREAM.9 today.

Update: DREAM EP Sasahara revealed the current plan for the DREAM Lightweight title at the press conference. Joachim Hansen will face Shinya Aoki for the title at DREAM.10. The winner of that fight will then defend the belt against the winner of Kawajiri vs. J.Z. on NYE.

Hansen defeated Aoki last year in the finals of the DREAM Lightweight Grand Prix as a reserve, but has since been out of action. Meanwhile, Aoki has gone on to become the “undisputed”  WAMMA Lightweight Champion, despite not even being DREAM’s champion.

One would imagine that WAMMA will be all over this one, but considering Aoki doesn’t seem to give a damn about even receiving the belt, maybe this won’t become an official WAMMA title fight after all. Frankly, I’m not sure too many people will care either way besides the ones screaming bloody murder.

Nevertheless, with these match-ups and the winners facing off on NYE—WAMMA belt or not—we definitely have three exciting lightweight fights to look forward to in Japan later this year.