Vadim Finkelstein & Fedor EmelianenkoNow that the Affliction going head-to-head with UFC 100 rumor has fizzled out, no one has a clue when we might see Fedor Emelianenko in action again with the exception of an exhibition sparring match with Shinya Aoki on April 29. There was a rumor of an Affliction-DREAM co-promotion on July 20, but so far, no one has supported the Croatian sports writer’s claims.

You would think it would depend on when Affliction decides to hold their third event, but that might not necessarily be the case. According to Fedor’s manager, Vadim Finkelstein, an Affliction fight in states is more of a backup plan.

– It will probably be Josh Barnett – said Vadim Finkelstein. It all depends where this fight will happen. In Japan, for example, they want to see Fedor against a local fighter. But we would love to organize Emelianenko vs Barnett on New Years. That would be sensational. But if that doesn’t come to fruition – there will be a show in Los Angeles.

Basically, it’s all just a big ball of confusion at this point. Affliction may or may not be trying to get their stars fights in Japan so they don’t have to pay them and incur the costs of holding an event. Fedor may be fighting the man he should fight, Josh Barnett, or apparently, if the Japanese have their way, he could end up fighting someone like Minowaman, or maybe even that cartoon Bob Sapp beat up if we’re really lucky. Really, who the hell knows.

If you ask me, I don’t think Fedor needs to fight in the UFC to prove he’s the best heavyweight in the world, or fighter in the world for that matter. But I will say this, if for no other reason, I’d like to see him sign with Zuffa just so it isn’t always a freakin’ fiasco to book him for his next fight.

And by the way, that Russian stadium Dana White always says M-1 wants him to build…Vadim says that’s “just nonsense.” They’re willing to do a multi-fight deal, just not an exclusive one.