Matt HughesAnd it would appear that he hopes to see ‘The Iceman’ back in the cage sooner than later.

Chuck is still dangerous to anybody. Anybody that thinks that if Chuck Liddell hits them they won’t go down is wrong. Chuck is a threat to anybody. As a friend I hope he doesn’t leave the sport for two reasons: Number one, I like him and I like watching him. Number two, I still think he’s good enough to do some serious damage to people.

It seems as though Matt Hughes is saying all of the right things and that he truly does hope to see Chuck continue to succeed in the sport. I think all of the fans of Liddell would have hoped for him to exit stage left on better terms, or at least his own terms, rather than the victim of a second KO in as many fights.

However, what happens if Serra gets the better of Hughes in their fight at UFC 98? Perhaps he sees what the future potentially holds for him if he is unsuccessful next month and views himself and Chuck in a similar situation.

Of course, if Hughes is able to defeat Serra this will all be a moot point. Perhaps, it doesn’t hurt to start convincing people that the veterans of the sport aren’t done yet though.

You know, just in case.