Gegard Mousasi

Even if I wanted to jump back to middleweight it’s not healthy for me anymore to do. Preparing to the K-1 fight against Musashi I gained weight as I didn’t want to give him an advantage. Moreover because of my age I am growing and getting bigger so it’s a natural process to become heavier. Well, there is a lot of challenge in the middleweight but I can’t make that weight anymore…I weigh around 98 kg (216 lbs) now. I have been lazy and haven’t worked a lot on my fitness so initially I reached 101 kg. After I heard that I wouldn’t fight I stopped training excessively and lost some weight getting back to 98 kg. Originally my plan was to test my feelings at 103-105 kg (227-231,5 lbs) to decide whether fighting as a heavyweight or light heavyweight is feasible. However, it turned out to be too much weight at once. So that was my goal but I think it’s smart to fight first as a light heavyweight. I don’t put lots of effort to retain this weight, it’s my normal weight now…First I felt that the speed and explosiveness weren’t as good as they were before but it all came back by now. I feel stronger than ever. Definitely, it took some time but I feel myself very confident at this weight so I don’t think I will have problems in my future fights. I could have gone to Russia to train with Fedor but it turned out otherwise. I’d like to test myself with him now that I weigh more.

—Gegard Mousasi in an interview with M-1 Global talking about why he’s moving up in weight following a highly successful 2008 in the middleweight division.

Mousasi also mentions that the once rumored fight between him and Sokoudjou is still a possibility for DREAM.9. He’s merely waiting for confirmation.

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