I’ve never been much of a hunter myself, but some of my closest friends are, so I suppose I’ve probably picked up a little bit of hunting knowledge along the way. Well, at least enough to make a few comments on Brock Lesnar’s hunting trip.

A few observations:

  1. Brock Lesnar’s most joyful moments take place hunting wild game in the wilderness, not after he’s done beating down his opponents in the Octagon.
  2. There nothing inconspicuous about Brock Lesnar in a tree stand. Actually quite surprised they even make a tree stand, or tree for that matter, that’s capable of holding him.
  3. This just might be the first deer in the history of deer hunting that repositioned itself to give the hunter a better a shot after he missed his first.
  4. Since a dead buck is so heavy, most people have to put it in the back of a truck or an ATV to transport it back to camp. Not Brock, he drags it behind him like a kid pulls an empty wagon.

Hopefully, the next time Brock’s in a hunting show he’ll be in the African plains hunting lions with a machete. Anyone can hit a deer with a bow and arrow if it gives you do-overs. I won’t truly be impressed until I see Brock successfully sneak up ninja-style on a giant cat that isn’t dumb enough to give him a second chance.