Rich Franklin & Anderson SilvaPerhaps the war of words that has escalated recently between fellow Brazilians Anderson Silva and Wanderlei Silva has just been taken to the next level.

Sources close to Silva, who still holds the UFC middleweight title, recently told the Dayton Daily News that the champ has agreed to train with Franklin, who meets dangerous striker Wanderlei Silva at a June 13 UFC 99 event in Germany.

Franklin’s manager, J.T. Stewart, declined to comment. Franklin recently took off for Seattle to commence his usual fight camp under Matt Hume, and he’ll apparently spend some time training with Silva in California while he’s away.

We all know that Wanderlei Silva likes to come at his opponents and, at times, trade wildly. It would be fantastic if Anderson could offer Rich some pointers on how to counter Wanderlei’s strikes effectively and could refrain from discussing the finer points of avoiding a fight completely. This should be a good move for both Anderson and Rich, and it will be quite interesting to hear what Wanderlei has to say about it. With the talk of a potential fight at middleweight between both Silva’s looming now that Wanderlei is on his way down in weight, what will ‘The Axe Murderer’ think about this partnership that has been formed?

It also remains to be seen whether or not Rich will request some additional training from Anderson in the clinch, a position that saw him decimated by the current champion, most notably in their first fight. If so, here’s hoping that Anderson takes it easy on ‘Ace’ during that portion of their training.