Silva and CoteEven though Dana White has made it abundantly clear that Liddell won’t be stepping back into the Octagon anytime soon, long-time trainer and friend John Hackleman isn’t so sure that the UFC President is the man who should be making that call.

Chuck can do whatever wants to do. It’s disappointing. He lost to a great champion and that’s no reason to retire … He’s fought 100 times and only been knocked out twice. We’ll talk about it in the next week or so but no one is going to tell him when he’s going to stop fighting. A lot of people thought Randy Couture was done at heavyweight and he went to Light Heavyweight and won a title. He lost to Chuck a couple of times then they said he was done again and he went to heavyweight and won another title. It’s up to Chuck. I don’t think Chuck cares about his fights. He wanted to fight Tito because he didn’t like him and for some reason he wanted to beat Vernon White … If someone beats him he doesn’t like it but he says oh well, I’ve beat plenty of people. He doesn’t want a rematch just because he got beat. He’s the Ice Man. He’s kind of cold about that.

I think it’s quite clear that Hackleman would prefer for Chuck to keep fighting, and it’s probably for the most obvious of reasons as well (it’s all about the Benjamins, baby). Dana White, as mentioned, probably doesn’t need to rely on Liddell to help pad his pocket book anymore and his intentions are perhaps coming from a better place at this point in time. Regardless, I will agree with Hackleman that it should be ‘The Iceman’ who makes this decision and be allowed to leave the sport and brand he helped create on his own terms. Until then, we will continue to await word from the man himself.

One man who has recently voiced his opinion on the UFC 97 main event and clearly wants back in the cage sooner than later is ‘The Predator’, Patrick Cote. As you might very well remember, Cote injured himself at UFC 90 against Anderson Silva in the third round and was unable to continue. Had this injury not have occured, Cote believes that he may have had a chance to upset the middleweight king. Even in defeat, however, he assures us that he isn’t suffering from any cold sweats or nightmares as he tries to sleep through the night.

The UFC 97 main event was boring! At least I tried to engage with Silva! Fuck, I’m actually a little pissed. I like Thales and all, but that was awful. He looked very scared and nervous in there. I wasn’t scared at all. I want Silva back!

I guess Cote still hasn’t heard that ‘The Spider’ is only looking for superfights at this point. Sorry Patrick, but I don’t think your rematch would qualify as such. 

Perhaps Cote will be satisfied helping a fellow Canadian train to defeat Anderson in a superfight. That’s one that everyone has been clamoring for lately, and one that should definitely happen before Silva’s contract expires.