Strikeforce Shamrock vs Diaz in the HP PavilionQuite a few reports surfaced today regarding fight bookings for Strikeforce’s second major event on Showtime.

The first report comes from Carmichael Dave, and unfortunately, it appears to be the only solid one of the three. Surprisingly, Nick Diaz and Scott Smith have been confirmed to face one another at a catchweight of 180lbs, although Five Oz. says it’s 179lbs.

Scott Smith of Elk Grove, CA is set to fight Stockton’s Nick Diaz, at a catch-weight of 180 pounds.

As it turns out, Smith’s now legendary 3 round war with Benji Radach was just a preamble to what may turn out to be the fight of his life. Diaz is coming off a fight with Frank Shamrock that paled in comparison to the Smith/Radach war. Diaz was never in trouble, and barely broke a sweat.

Definitely not a fight anyone was expecting for June 6 considering these two just fought only a few short weeks ago, but a welcomed addition nonetheless. Between Diaz’s peppering punching style and Smith’s knockout power, this one’s guaranteed to produce fireworks. You just have to wonder if Smith will be ready in time following the beating he took against Radach.

The second addition isn’t quite as solid. In the same report, Carmichael Dave also mentioned that Alistair Overeem would be defending his Strikeforce heavyweight title on the card against Brett Rogers, however, Sam Caplan says not so fast. While the fight has been discussed, nothing is signed yet, and Strikeforce is still talking about pitting Rogers against Fabricio Werdum or another unnamed opponent instead.

The final round of fight booking news comes from Joey Villasenor, via MMAJunkie, who claims there’s an “85% chance” he will meet Evangelista “Cyborg” Santos on the card.

Strikeforce “Shamrock vs Diaz” was good, but if these match-ups become official, watch out. Strikeforce is going to have one hell of show on June 6. Check out the latest fight card here in our fight cards section.

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