Silva FranklinAnd even with the upstart rivalry with Franklin’s next opponent, fellow Brazilian Wanderlei Silva, Anderson isn’t sure he would welcome the idea of training ‘Ace’ to take on ‘The Axe Murderer’.

Any other fight, perhaps, but maybe not one against a fellow countryman.

He didn’t said any word to me about it, but he’s gonna face a Brazilian, so it’s hard that something will happen. I don’t have anything against Franklin either Wanderlei, both are great fighters. In other situation, I’d train with him, for sure. My gym is open for everyone. Whoever goes there can have classes and I won’t have any problems if he decides to go there, that’s the sports’ globalization”, said the UFC middleweight champion, training in Los Angeles after his ninth victory in the Octagon. 

So was something lost in translation, or were we all fooled by an unsubstantiated rumor? Either way, it now appears highly unlikely that these two will be preparing for UFC 99 together at this point.