Fedor Emelianenko vs Shinya Aoki

One of my biggest pet peeves is spoilers, so I won’t tell you who won the Fedor-Aoki exihibition match, although you can probably tell who came out on top from the pics. If you really want to know, the guys at Bloody Elbow have the result. Video apparently won’t be available till Monday.

Update: Here’s a quick recap of what happened since we aren’t supposed to get video until Monday, which will be free by the way, if it doesn’t get leaked beforehand.

Fedor was basically playing with Aoki. He allowed him to get sub attempts like a flying armbar, a leg lock attempt, and even takedowns like the double leg and a nice seoi-nage.

Watching it though, you could very much tell that Fedor was allowing Aoki live and catch stuff for the sake of the fans. It didn’t stop him from picking him up and slamming him all around the place though, locking up subs of his own before letting go to stand back up. There was one instance where Fedor pounded the ground with a huge fist, right next to Aoki’s head—kind of a sign that, “hey, I can stop this at any moment, kiddo.”

Both were all smiles all the way through the exhibition though, so I imagine they were having lots of fun.

More pictures at SportsNavi.com