Kenny Florian

“I’m not sure what that was. Maybe it was a miscommunication, after what I had said about Roger Huerta. Maybe it was head games on his part. Maybe he genuinely believes that. I don’t really know. But I have a lot of respect for B.J. I think he’s a proud champion. I think he worked hard for that fight against Georges, and he just wasn’t able to deliver. That can be hard to deal with. I think that loss hurt him…I do think he’ll be motivated. I expect him to show up in shape and ready to defend his title. That’s what I’m preparing for.”

—A respectful Kenny Florian, speaking to Ben Fowlkes, addresses BJ Penn’s accusations that Kenny tipped him off about GSP’s alleged greasing. If BJ’s intentions were to cause a rift between Florian and GSP to keep them from training together, it didn’t work.

Of all the big fights coming up this summer, this one’s definitely near the top of my most anticipated list. Penn undoubtedly has the edge in raw talent, but has he created so many distractions for himself that it will hinder his physical and mental preparation for Florian? Kenny doesn’t seem to think so, but he can’t afford to allow himself to believe otherwise. We can however, and I’m not convinced Penn is going to take this fight as seriously as he should.

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