Rich Franklin & Wanderlei Silva Staredown At UFC 99 Press Conference

“It’s smart, because Silva has a lot of techniques. It’s possible for him to train with who he wants. For me, it doesn’t matter, because I’m going to beat him. It’s possible he could train with Mike Tyson – I’m going to beat him…It’s a professional time for MMA, and everybody needs to go to the best place for having the best options. Maybe Anderson is a good option for him, because Anderson beat him two times…My gym’s professional. The guys don’t need to use my flag to train here. It’s possible a guy comes, trains, and uses his flag. It’s a professional gym – it’s open for all…[Franklin] explained he wanted to come train here after the fight, no problem. He’s a gentleman, I talked with him a lot of times. I’m so happy to fight with him, because he likes to fight, (he’s) not afraid. Because if you fight with one guy who’s afraid of you, it’s hard because there’s no action.”

—Wanderlei Silva, telling MMA Weekly that Rich Franklin is still welcome to train with him after their fight at UFC 99 even if Rich ends up training with Anderson to prepare for him.

Quite the triangle this has become…