Super Hulk TournamentPRIDE, DREAM and K-1 have all concocted some pretty crazy match-ups over the years, but never like this. You thought you had seen it all. Really, you haven’t, trust me.

On May 26, at DREAM.9, the wildest open-weight tournament I can ever recall being put together will commence. It’s been aptly dubbed the “Super Hulk Tournament,” and once you see the participants and the match-ups, you’ll know why.

Four new fights for DREAM.9 have been announced. An open-weight tournament called “Super Hulk Tournament ~World Superman Championship~” will commence at the event with Minowaman taking on Bob Sapp, Sokoudjou facing K-1 & MMA veteran Jan “The Giant” Nortje, Gegard Mousasi taking on Mark Hunt, and Choi Hong Man fighting former Baseball player Jose Canseco.

Take a long look at that last one, Jose Canseco vs Hong Man Choi. It’s Canseco’s first professional (I guess) MMA bout. You’ve probably heard his name floating around in recent times. He’s been participating in exihibition matches as of late, most notably against former NFL player Vai Sikahema and VH1 celeb Danny Bonaduce, neither of which he actually won. Canseco must really need the money.

The only fight that somewhat resembles something legitimate (I’m stretching here) is Gegard Mousasi vs Mark Hunt. Mousasi wanted to move up in weight. Well, he got it. A few years ago, because of the size difference, this fight would have been just as absurd as the others, but Hunt hasn’t exactly been setting the world on fire recently. He lost both his fights in 2008, including a devastating knockout loss to another middleweight Melvin Manhoef. Mousasi doesn’t have Manhoef’s power, but he’s crafty and well-rounded enough to be competitive against a Mark hunt who seems to care more about collecting a paycheck than trying to prove he’s a top heavyweight.

Obviously, this is another wacky attempt by DREAM to drive ratings, and sadly, it will probably work. Just in case though, DREAM apparently still has one more ace up their sleeve. Whatever it is, I can’t imagine it topping this.


Update: Lucky you, HDNet subscribers, you get to watch all the awesomeness above live! Me, I’m still harassing Cox Cable to get their shit together and offer HDNet.