Something about these Korean TV shows that Fedor seems to always be making guest appearances on just makes me laugh. I have no idea why, but everytime I see Fedor doing something goofy and ridiculous it cracks me up. Must be the contrast of what he does in the ring and who he is outside of it. Anyways, here’s a rough translation courtesy of NOB.

First guy: Wow, you’re pretty good. Why not take on my friend too?

Second dude in blue: Sure.

First guy: Just wait a moment.

(A bunch of the blue dude’s friends come in the ring)

Friend #1: Hey, you looked really cool!
Friend #2: Hey, who is he going to bring? What if he brings a really good fighter?
Friend #1: It doesn’t matter, our guy is almost a pro! He is going to beat up anybody that comes out! Who’s he going to bring? FEDOR?? LOL!!! (pronounced hyo-dor-ooh in korean, you can actually hear it).

Then of course Fedor comes out and beats him up.