Shogun Rua vs Forrest Griffin at UFC 76

You see a lot of guys fight Anderson and they just don’t look like themselves. They don’t look like they want to be there or look like they have any confidence. I want to at least come in and fight up to my ability. So this fight will either bring out the best in me … or I will have to go out and find a real job…I just don’t think anyone has actually tried to fight him up to their ability. Irvin went in and charged him, Leben when in and charged him. He’s a southpaw counter-striker … it’s not like I’m going to go jump his shit. If you rush into that guy you’re rushing into a knockout. So I’m going to fight the guy, I’ll hit him, and not get too frustrated when I miss. Because he makes you miss and then he makes you pay for it. He’s made a lot of guys feel stupid. It’s when guys get hit, and then they can’t hit him back; they just look hopeless … like they almost want the fight to be over…You know, a lot of guys have hit me real hard. The thing about Silva is that he’s going to hit me a lot quicker. He’s got a great reach, he actually has the same reach I do and I am not going to be much bigger…I normally step into the Octagon at around 220. Now that I think about it, I wouldn’t mind if Silva and I fought this fight at a catchweight of 215. I would come in at 225, which would be beautiful for me…

—Forrest Griffin talking to MMA Mania about his new opponent, Anderson Silva, for UFC 101.

Some people think Forrest has a decent chance at being the first UFC fighter to defeat Anderson Silva. Others, like myself, are much less optimistic. However, Forrest seems to have recognized the mistakes Silva’s past opponents have made. I can’t imagine Forrest being involved in a boring fight, but if they both sit back waiting for the other to press the action, it seems like the possibility is there for this fight to resemble the Cote fight more than the Franklin or Henderson fights.