Rampage Jackson & Rashad EvansThere’s something funny about the mother-son relationship. No matter how old you get, you still have to answer to your mom. After all, she did bring you into this world, so the least you can do is listen and respect what she tells you, especially since you probably didn’t when you were young and bratty.

So, how does this apply to MMA? Well, as it turns out, being a professional badass doesn’t even you exempt you from having to answer to your mother.

Case in point, Scott Smith. He’s scheduled to face MMA’s badboy, Nick Diaz, who’s arguably the most ruthless trash talker in the sport, on June 6. But, he has no plans to engage in pre-fight war of words, mainly because he doesn’t want to disappoint his mother.

“I’m going to stay from all that,” laughed Smith. “My Mom would be disappointed if got caught up in all of that. I got a tattoo and my Mom was in tears that I’m not the goody, goody boy that she raised me to be.”

Smith’s the not the only one though. As you probably remember, Rashad Evans got into a heated face off with Rampage Jackson following Rampage’s win over Evan’s teammate Keith Jardine at UFC 96. Apparently, Rashad’s mom was not impressed.

“She got mad at me after the ‘Rampage’ thing,” said the UFC light heavyweight champ. “She was watching on TV and she’s like, ‘Rashad, I don’t like all that cussing and s—. Rashad, you don’t get on TV cussing like that now, shoot.’ And I’m like ma, he made me mad. ‘Rashad, still, you don’t do that. People don’t want to see that s—.’”

Evans burst out laughing as he recounted the irony of the situation.

“I’m like, looking at the phone, saying, ‘Mom, you’re cussing right now.’”

Pretty funny how an extraordinary physical beating isn’t always enough to take a fighter off his feet, yet a simple phone call from their mom can bring them to their knees.