Benji Radach vs Scott Smith Let me ask you a question. Following the Scott Smith vs. Benji Radach barnburner, did the thought ever cross your mind that Smith wrongfully won the fight?

It never crossed mine, but it did to one person, Benji Radach, and he has apparently decided to appeal the official outcome for the following reasons.

He had a second-round guillotine he cinched up tight on Smith, and says he felt Hands of Steel grab the cage to help him ease out of Radach’s grip. Radach says he even heard Dean say something to Smith about grabbing the fence. “If Scott hadn’t gotten ahold of the cage—which is blatantly against the rules—I think I would have finished him there,” Radach says.

Radach also thinks the stoppage was unfair, for two reasons.

First, he says he was okay and was scrambling to get back to his feet. “I was not out,” Radach says. (That’s arguable—Smith did land a big right hand that planed Radach on the canvas.)

Secondly, Radach says Smith ended the fight with an illegal blow to the back of the head. That claim seems to have some merit, based on the video.

Not exactly stuff we don’t see at least once during every MMA event.

Nevertheless, according to the CSAC’s Code of Regulations, Article 8, Section 368, there is a provision in place that would allow the commissioners to overturn the decision if they deemed it appropriate.

A decision rendered at the termination of any boxing contest is final and shall not be changed unless following the rendition of a decision the commission determines that any one of the following occurred:

1. (a) There was collusion affecting the result of any contest;
2. (b) The compilation of the scorecard of the judges, and the referee when used as a judge, shows an error which would mean that the decision was given to the wrong boxer;
3. (c) There was a violation of the laws or rules and regulations governing boxing which affected the result of any contest.
4. (d) A petition to change a decision shall be in writing and filed by a boxer or the boxer’s manager within five (5) calendar days from the date the decision was rendered.
5. (e) If a petition to change a decision is not filed in writing within five (5) days of the decision, the commission may, upon the vote of at least a majority of the commissioners present, hold a hearing to change the decision at any time.

If the commission determines that any of the above occurred with regards to any contest then the decision rendered shall be changed as the commission may direct.

Radach’s complaint against the early stoppage is irrelevant. Even if you don’t agree with the stoppage, it was the referee’s decision, and there’s nothing that can be done about it after the fact. His other complaints, however, fall more into the grey area. The commission will essentially be tasked with deciding whether or not Smith holding onto the cage or hitting Radach in the back of the head were severe enough to affect the outcome of the fight.

Scott Smith KOs Benji Radach StrikeforceHere’s my take on it. Even if Smith illegally used the cage to assist him in escaping the guillotine, it’s impossible to determine whether or not Radach would have finished him otherwise. As for the back of the head, as you can see in the gif, Smith comes down hard on him after the knockout blow, and likely only hit him there because Radach turned his head. Otherwise, it appears he would have delivered another devastating blow to his jaw, which would have resulted in a stoppage as well, although like the choke, I suppose that can’t be said with 100% certainty. That said, I seriously doubt this fight gets overturned nor should it.

What’s your take? Legitimate gripe or sour grapes?

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