Rafael Cordeiro

“Wanderlei has the same heart, with the same desire to win, to confront his opponents, and I know that for his next fight he will be 100% focussed, believing more every time in what made him Wanderlei Silva, which is Muay Thai…He comes from Muay Thai, his base is Muay Thai and for sure he will be using it for the next fight, with all the energy that made him king in Japan…. now he will be conquering the same here. Everything he conquered in Japan he will be conquering here and I think the training is the base of that…He has a strong team of strong people following up with his work and I am here to make that as strong as possible, to turn him towards the victory which has always been the road we follow.

—Former Chute Boxe head trainer Rafael Cordeiro, via Fighters Only Magazine, vowing to help Wanderlei Silva return to the form that made him the most feared fighter in Japan.

Wanderlei’s lost four out of his last five. Is reuniting with the trainer he calls the “best in the world” enough to help Wandy pull off a string of violent wins in the Octagon or is it too late in his career to tighten up his wild open style in a sport that’s evolving by the day?

We’ll get at least part of that answer on June 13 at UFC 99.