Lanxess Arena, Cologne, GermanyMany German mixed martial arts fans may be looking forward to UFC coming to their country for the first time on June 13 for UFC 99, but much like every other new country or state the UFC breaks into, not everyone is estatic about it.

In fact, one member of the Cologne City Council is downright disgusted with what he perceives mixed martial arts to be, and apparently wants to shut down the event before it ever happens.

Here’s the German news story translated courtesy of Robert K with

UFC 99 Comes Under Attack In Germany

A public dispute erupted yesterday after the Cologne City Council discussed the UFC’s entry into Germany. Event organizers claim that the council is hell bent on foiling the upcoming event.

Boxing, karate, wrestling, judo, taekwon-do, kickboxing, Jiu-Jitsu – in mixed martial arts everything is allowed . Over the top fight spectacle or a legitimate sport – make of the event what you will. The dispute however is much easier to describe, the arena management are currently taking legal action against comments made by councilor Manfred Wolf. Arena management is alleging defamation and slander.

“MMA is not a sport because it legitimatizes death and serious injury. The only aim is to destroy your opponent.” Adding further: “I personally find disgusting … Here one finds the lowest human instincts. ”

The City Councilor has made it clear that is does not want to hold a major mixed martial arts event because of the harm it could cause to the city’s image. That is his right – even if his individual arguments seems overblown .

“I stand behind the event and think the discussion is absurd,” said event organizer Marek Lieberberg

The arena will send lawyers with omission declarations, FDP Mayor Manfred Wolf will be asked to withdraw his comments.

At the end of March it was reported that UFC 99 had already sold close to 7,000 tickets.

Same old story, different place. I feel for Marc Ratner, it must be tough going to all these places only to be confronted with the same tired argument over and over again. Kudos to you Mr. Ratner, I don’t know how you do it.