Rich Franklin & Anderson SilvaSomehow, Rich Franklin has found himself right in the middle of the escalating feud between Anderson Silva and Wanderlei Silva. Prior to Anderson and Wandy getting into in the media, Rich had committed to training with Anderson to prepare for Wanderlei, and had also planned to take Wanderlei up on his offer to train together after their fight.

That’s all changed now though. Franklin has essentially been forced to side with one or the other, and his choice is the man that already beat him, not the man who might.

“My decision to come out to L.A. was made way before that feud ever really started. (Anderson’s manager) Ed Soares called me and invited me to come out and train with Anderson, but this was before any of the Internet chatter was going on back and forth between Anderson and Wanderlei…We got into the gym, we train, and it’s just business. We haven’t talked about it…I’m a never-say-never guy, but with me coming out here to Anderson’s camp and all that stuff, those lines have been drawn basically. With Anderson helping me out, I would never do anything to cross that line. Basically, I feel like he’s gone out on the limb for me, so I wouldn’t – with the bad blood between them (Anderson and Wanderlei), I would never turn around and go the opposite direction, so to speak.”

It’s unfortunate Rich got caught in the middle of this, but as much as I love Wanderlei, I can’t say I blame him for training with Anderson. Considering how his fights with Anderson went, there’s undoubtedly a lot he can learn from him.