Chuck Liddell & Dana WhiteDana White said it would be “war” if Chuck didn’t follow his retirment plan. We’re not quite there yet, but every time a report pops up about Liddell’s future, the situation seems to get closer and closer to just that.

On multiple occasions since Liddell’s loss to Shogun, John Hackleman made it clear that Dana can’t force Chuck into retirement. Well, White finally has a response for Hackleman, via Sherdog no less (they make up?), but instead of trying to counter his points, he decided to attack his motivations and his worth as a trainer.

“Obviously, John Hackleman didn’t pay his house off yet. John Hackleman needs some money, because anybody who claims they care about Chuck Liddell even a little bit would not be making these f–king statements,” White told Thursday.

The UFC president said Hackleman is frustrated because “he’s never been a decision-maker in Chuck’s career. I can tell you this: He didn’t make Chuck Liddell. Chuck Liddell made John Hackleman.

“How many great, talented guys do you see coming out of John Hackleman’s place?” White asked. “He’s no Greg Jackson. He’s no Mark DellaGrotte. He’s no American Top Team. He’s not one of the great camps. Chuck Liddell made him.”

However, when asked if he would allow Chuck to fight elsewhere, Dana eventually conceded that he can’t actually force him not to.

White said he would never let Liddell fight for another promotion.

“F–king right I wouldn’t,” said White, though he later added, “at the end of the day, if that’s what he wanted to do, I mean, what am I going to do? I’m not his f–king father. I can’t tell him, ‘No, you f–king can’t.’”

Hackleman was also quoted several times throughout the story, but didn’t really say anything he hasn’t said before. Fighting elsewhere is always an option as is a potential move to heavyweight. Of course, Chuck still has to make his decision, and it doesn’t sound like he’s in any kind of a rush to make it anytime soon.