Can I swear on ESPN? No?! Son of a..
Can I swear on ESPN? No?! Son of a..

Tonight at 7 p.m. ESPN will have a feature on UFC President Dana White on their acclaimed series, E:60. 

Although White has many supporters within MMA circles, his list of detractors is perhaps even bigger. After his recent tirade against Loretta Hunt of Sherdog, his flaws were once again spotlighted and his ability to bring the UFC into the true mainstream was questioned – again. He had his thoughts on how this piece was going to portray him.

You think that’s going to be a big positive story on Dana White? But I don’t care. It is what it is. ‘Dana White is this foul-mouthed, lunatic who got the company to this point (but) is he the guy who can take it to the next level? Will he be around?’ That’s going to be the tone of this thing.

You might also remember during one of White’s vlog’s that at one point during this interview a member of the UFC PR team tried to have the entire thing shut down and trouble ensued. Dana is never one to bite his tongue and something tells me that he won’t be acting any different in front of a camera owned by ESPN as he does in front of any other. 

Then again, that’s one of the best things about Dana White. Love him or hate him, he is who he is and always stays true to himself. Here’s hoping that the piece will at least outline the many positive steps he has taken to bring both the UFC and the entire sport of mixed martial arts to the point it’s at now. 

Wishful thinking, I know.