Gary Shaw & Kimbo SliceLooks like the long-running rumor that Kimbo Slice will abandon MMA to try his hand at professional boxing is true. And guess who’s going to promote him?

Surprise surprise, Gary Shaw!

Gary Shaw, the promoter who brought Kimbo to EliteXC, told Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald that Kimbo (real name: Kevin Ferguson) will make his pro boxing debut as a heavyweight some time late this summer. The date, venue and opponent are all to be determined.

Between all the rumors of him fighting in Japan and returning to MMA in Strikeforce, I suppose we should have known this would happen. People tend to stick with what they know, and since he doesn’t really know the sport he was competing in or the sport he intends to compete in, that pretty leaves Gary Shaw as the common denominator.

I don’t know how much more success Kimbo will find in boxing than he did in MMA. After all, he was knocked out by a weak jab from a fighter who isn’t exactly known for his striking, so I can’t imagine he’ll fare much better in a sport where his opponents know only one thing, punching. But, at least with boxing he’ll get free passes for all the cans he faces. The real question is though: Is he good enough to beat those guys or is he just another Glass Joe?

I’ll take the latter, but to be honest, I really couldn’t care less. At this point, I’m more interested in getting a good laugh out of watching $kala kiss Kimbo’s ass on Blood Sweat n’ Bling.

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