Matt Serra

“I look it at like this. I feel like if I retired tomorrow, I have enough to tell my grandkids what I was doing. I’m very fortunate where I have two successful mixed-martial-arts schools in Long Island, N.Y. … The fighting to me, I always felt that if my heart weren’t in it and I’m doing it for the wrong reasons, then I’m not going to do it because I don’t feel like I need to do it…I’m putting a lot on this fight. I want that notch in my belt. In the future there are guys like GSP and Matt Hughes, who I’m sure are going to be hall-of-famers. If I get Matt Hughes under my belt and take care of him, even if I would not be considered one of the best ever, I’d have some victories over some guys who will be. I can live with that…I just want to take care of Matt Hughes, and then the only thing for sure is that I’m going to have some pizza and pasta because I haven’t had any in three months. But after that, we’ll see what’s up.”

—Matt Serra talking to MMA Junkie about whether his fight against Matt Hughes will be his last.

Retirement seems to be one of the hottest topics of the year. First, Anderson Silva proclaimed his desire to retire once his UFC contract is up. Chuck Liddell is still trying to decide if his time has finally come. Frank Shamrock hinted at retiring after his devastating loss to Nick Diaz. And now, Matt Serra is apparently thinking about it too. Who’s next?