Check out who wants to fight Nick Diaz now, KJ Noons!

You may remember Noons as EliteXC’s former lightweight champion who refused to give Diaz a rematch on CBS last year because his much more established and popular opponent was pulling in more cash than him.

Apparently, he’s changed his mind though. If you can stomach the epic ass kissing from the interviewer, somewhere near the middle of the interview KJ Noons proclaims he wants to make a return to mixed martial arts later this year and the fight he wants is Nick Diaz. Noons doesn’t really give any reasons for the change of heart. Maybe he finally realized turning down the Diaz fight was a bad career move, or maybe he saw Nick only made $40,000 for his win over Frank Shamrock (even though he made a lot more, shhh, don’t tell Noons). Whatever the reason is though, despite all the time that has passed, it’s a fight I’m sure a lot of people still want to see, and I can’t imagine Strikeforce would have a problem with putting it together.