Wanderlei SilvaWanderlei Silva just raised the stakes in his feud with Anderson Silva, literally.

Wandy is apparently so confident he’s going to knock out Anderson’s new training partner, Rich Franklin, at UFC 99, he’s willing to put $50,000 on the line that says he will.

“If Anderson believes in Franklin so much, bet U$ 50,000 and let’s see who takes the money”.

“I go to knock him out. I have trained so much and Rich won’t last two rounds. I think it is good Anderson has been preparing him. I hope he is also on the corner. I want to dare him to bet $50,000. I put these amount and Anderson or his sponsors, Ed Soares or Joinha, bet another part. Who wins takes the money,” Wanderlei told Gazeta do Povo.

Wanderlei goes on to say that after he’s done with Franklin, he wants his chance to prove to everyone that Anderson is not unbeatable.

Anyone else getting a little concerned that Wanderlei may be so focused on Anderson that he’s overlooking a very dangerous Rich Franklin?