Cro Cop does a lengthy interview in this video from

Mirko talks about how he has progressed physically and mentally since undergoing knee surgery. Says he’s 100% and actually feel like he’s in better shape than he was when he won the PRIDE 2006 OWGP. Says he’s much more focused on his boxing which he got away from before to concentrate on his kicks. Says his wrestling and ground game has improved.

Cro Cop still wants a rematch with Alistair Overeem and said he never should have taken their first fight because his knee wasn’t fully recovered following his surgery last year. Blamed the poor decision on his pride.

Money, prestige and glory no longer motivate him. He’s “been there, done that.” His motivation comes from the desire to prove his doubters wrong, and he’ll give everything he has to accomplish that, or “die trying.”

HT: MMA Cube