Rashad Evans and Lyoto Machida at UFC 98 Press Conference

Ariel Helwani has a solid recap of the UFC 98 media day. CombatLifestyle.com has the pics and Kevin Iole has a few interesting notes from the press conference.

Dana White is slightly backing off previous statements that he would force Chuck to retire, although he maintains he still will.

“Am I his father? Can I tell him not to fight? Absolutely not. If he still wants to fight, he can fight. I’m not saying, ‘It will never happen. It will never happen.’ But he made a deal with me. He’s never not listened to me. We’ll see what happens.”

Dana also said the UFC will be in Ontario in 2010.

“We’re coming next year. I’m very confident we’re going to be there next year. There’s no reason we shouldn’t be. We’ve put on two successful events in Montreal. We’ve been putting on successful events for almost 10 years now. There’s no reason why we shouldn’t be in Ontario…I don’t think we’ll be there in December. But we will be there next year.”

And last but not least, while Ed Soares said a fight between friends Anderson Silva and Lyoto Machida would take $100 million, Dana White pulled out the same quote he used for Rashad Evans and Keith Jardine.

“Trust me: This is the fight business. You know what you do in the fight business? You fight guys. You find out who’s the best. I don’t ever worry about guys saying they won’t fight. Everybody [who should fight] will wind up fighting in the end.”