Sean SherkSo, apparently right after Sean Sherk exited the Octagon after his loss to Frankie Edgar he immediately left the building without taking off his gloves, putting on a shirt, anything.

Dana tweeted about it following the fight, but I wasn’t sure if he was just joking or not. Turns out he wasn’t. Steve Cofield has confirmed it, and apparently it was a big deal for reasons you probably wouldn’t think of at first.

It is a big deal. Sherk needed to be present to potentially take a postfight urine test following his loss to Frank Edgar. Nevada State Athletic Commission director Keith Kizer said Sherk was seen in the last 20 minutes ago in the area of the Hard Rock Hotel Casino. The Hard Rock is located roughly 1/2 mile to the east of the MGM Grand.

Cofield later updated his post confirming that Sherk had indeed returned and didn’t even have to take the urine test, which is surprising. You would think they would make it mandatory for fighters who have tested positive in the past, but I guess that would just make too much sense, now wouldn’t it, NSAC?

If I had to guess though, I’m sure this had more to do with Sherk being upset than anything else. I’ll update this post if anymore details come out.

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