A few notes from the UFC 98 post-fight press conference:

  • Matt Hughes and Matt Serra win Fight of the Night, Lyoto Machida wins Knockout of the Night, Brock Larson wins Submission of the Night. Bonuses were $60,000.
  • Dana confirmed Rampage will get first crack at Machida’s title.
  • Matt Hughes still wants to fight. Not sure for how long, but doesn’t seem ready to retire.
  • Dana White was “blown away” by Frankie Edgar’s performance.
  • Dana said Rashad Evans is fine physically, but bummed out.
  • Machida credits his win to Machida karate. His plan now is to analyze the fight with his father and brothers and improve upon his mistakes (what mistakes?).
  • Someone asked if Machida would pursue a movie career on the side. Dana replied, “Oh god! Please say no.” Machida simply replied, “no.” Pretty funny, but probably had to be there.
  • Chael Sonnen thanks a reporter for asking him a question. He thought he’d be left out like he was picked last in kickball as a kid. He was glad to get job done against Miller.
  • Matt Serra not sure where he goes from here. Just wants to take some time off, relax and spend time with his family and new baby daughter. And eat pasta of course.
  • UFC returning to Southern California at the Staples Center on October 24. Didn’t specify what event number that would be. UFC 104?
  • Comparison drawn between the family aspect of Gracie Jiu-Jitsu and Machida Karate.

Update: Video via Cagewriter