Gina Carano

It’s been money and rights, and I just have experience now with contracts not being in favor of the fighters, and so here in this instance where I have a chance to negotiate, I just wanted to make sure it went as planned and we took advantage of that. A lot of these fighters are just signing their lives away, signing their rights away, and it’s hard because they’re not really in position to negotiate. It’s kind of a fortunate position to be able to negotiate. So that’s what’s taking so long, really…Yes. I’m very certain it’s going to be very soon. Unless something crazy happens, it’s going to be very soon.

—Gina Carano explaining to MMA Fanhouse why it has been taking so long for her to sign with Strikeforce. Can’t blame her for that.

Gina maintains that as long as everything goes according to plan, she will be fighting Cyborg this August. Here’s to hoping everything does in fact go according to plan.