Mark ColemanWhile the majority of us were watching Lyoto Machida’s performance against Rashad Evans in utter amazement last Saturday night, there was one fighter who claims he was busy identifying his weaknesses.

Rampage Jackson? Forrest Griffin? Shogun Rua? Randy Couture? Nope, nope, nope and nope. Mark Coleman.

Not only does Coleman think he has found the holes in Machida’s game, he also thinks he has the “perfect” style and skill set to exploit them.

I’ve been training hard with “the Cat” and I feel confident that I know what his weaknesses are, and how I can exploit them should we meet in the cage.

In my past fights I relied on my wrestling too much and it showed. Now I know that the key is good cardio and a sound stand up game, which I have now.  I don’t think Machida has faced a wrestler of my caliber before and I think stylistically I match up with him perfectly.

You know my cardio wasn’t up to scratch for that fight [against Shogun] and I believe it was an early stoppage but whatever,  I’m not one to make excuses. Ever since that fight me and Miller have been in the gym  working hard on it and I can keep going for 25 minutes if necessary.

You know, of all the potential title contenders in the UFC’s light heavyweight division, we should have known Mark Coleman was the perfect candidate to beat Lyoto Machida. Problem solved! Thank you Mark for pointing out the obvious.

Update: Coleman is denying he made the comments above. Sorry guys, striking out today.