Brett Rogers

I thought I was fighting [Alistair Overeem], but I got (the Arlovski fight) about three weeks ago. It’s cool because the way I see it, it’s actually going to be a better fight than the one with Overeem would have been. With Overeem we might have ended up on the ground and did all that up-and-down stuff. With Arlovski, he likes to stand and bang and I like to do that too. This is going to make for a better fight. I was putting in some time for Overeem. Then he wanted to act like a fool. He’s a pro fighter and he wanted to act like a fool. That’s on him. I’m moving onto bigger and better. I’m getting this fight. I’ll knock Arlovski out and hopefully move on to somebody better. I’m trying to get into that ‘Top 10’ ranking. This isn’t going to be forever so I need to make my move like right now when I’m healthy…I did have my mind set on (the title). I was kind of concentrating on that. So whenever Overeem heals, I’m going to go for that. Pretty much I want to fight anybody people say are better than me. I’ll fight Overeem…I’ll fight Arlovski…I’ll fight Fedor. I’ll fight whoever is up there. I’m going for all the ‘Top 10’ guys in the heavyweight division.

—Brett Rogers on a Strikeforce media conference call commenting on Alistair Overeem’s bar fight injury that prevented him from defending his title on June 6 at Strikeforce “Lawler vs Shields.”

Rogers has yet to be tested against top heavyweight competition. That’s about to change though, and he certainly seems up for the challenge. How he’ll actually fare is a different question entirely. We’ll find out in about a week in a half.

By the way, Strikeforce director of communications Mike Afromowitz said the Rogers-Arlovski winner could go on to challenge Overeem as early as the end of summer. However, there are a lot of variables at play, so nothing is set in stone at this point in time.

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