Fedor Emelianenko & Josh Barnett

I am always 100% involved in the negotiations especially with regards to the Barnett fight. We discussed this fight with the whole team (trainers, coaches, management), so as a team we agreed to a fight with Barnett…Besides Josh’s qualities as a fighter, he is also one of the best representatives for MMA in the U.S.A. We often had drinks after our fights in PRIDE and Affliction so I do consider him a friend…I consider Josh as one of the truly best in MMA, I think he is really in his prime right now. Just like when I fought Cro Cop, he was in his prime as well. At that time it was one of the most anticipated fights in MMA history (and) my fight with Josh can be that as well…Every opponent is a danger for me and Barnett has a great ground game. He is capable of adjusting his gameplan any minute in the fight…I think Josh and his team has made his striking really good for an MMA purpose.

—Fedor Emelianenko, via M1-Global.com, confirming and commenting on his upcoming fight against Josh Barnett at Affliction 3.

Also, at the UFC 98 Q&A session, Frank Mir said he wanted to fight Fedor in the UFC, and then laid out the gameplan and necessary skill set needed to beat him. Fedor was asked about Mir’s comments. He simply responded, “Once again, I respect every fighter. Every fight is a challenge for me and Frank Mir would be as well.”

So, who do you guys got? Anyone picking Barnett? Anyone want to see Fedor fight Mir?

Image via FCFighter.com