Marcus Davis

Remember when I said the war of words between Marcus Davis and Dan Hardy was about to really heat up again?

Well, here you go.

“Hate” is a very powerful word, I know. It gets thrown around a lot when people don’t really mean it, like “Aw, I hate mustard!” or “Aw, I hate this song”. But I hate my opponent at UFC 99.

I hate Dan Hardy.

I really can’t stand this guy and I am counting down to days to June 13, to the Lanxess Arena in when I can smash this kid in the mouth. I want to punch holes in this guy’s face. Hardy has gone so far beyond what is professional. This is more than another fight in the UFC for me, more than getting a win and working towards getting a title shot. This is war.

Marcus didn’t stop there either. He has another 900 words of why he hates Hardy so much tacked onto that. And that’s only part one!

I think it’s safe to say there’s going to be some serious leather being thrown in this fight.