Todd DuffeeOr is Cro Cop not fighting Mostapha Al-Turk at UFC 99?

The reason I’m asking is because did an interview with Todd Duffee, the fighter who was originally signed to fight Al-Turk before the UFC re-signed Mirko Cro Cop, and he says he’s still under the impression he’s fighting Al-Turk at UFC 99.

Rich Wyatt: It was recently reported that you have signed with Zuffa to compete in the UFC. However, with Cro Crop supposedly back in the fold, it appears that he might have taken your spot on the card in Germany next month. Any idea when you may next be booked for a fight?

Todd Duffee: As far as I’m concerned I’m still scheduled to fight on the card in Germany. I’m still in preparation for this June 13th fight against Mustapha.

Nice, for the record, prior to the Cro Cop announcement, which Dana White confirmed, Duffee vs Al-Turk was listed on the official UFC 99 event page. It’s been taken down since, however, there’s still no sign of Cro Cop either. Nor has an official announcement been made that I’m aware of.

Is Cro Cop’s return at UFC 99 not quite solidified like we thought? UFC 99 is 15 days away, so I assume we’ll be hearing something official soon.

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