Satoshi Ishii

The Satoshi Ishii sweepstakes are finally over.

Despite his previous proclamation to sign with the UFC, Satoshi Ishii has instead elected to fight in Japan for World Victory Road’s Sengoku promotion.

A press conference was held in Tokyo today, announcing that 2008 Olympic Gold Medalist in Judo, Satoshi Ishii, has signed with World Victory Road to fight in their SENGOKU event. No debut date was announced but he is expected to debut within the year. This is easily the biggest signing of the year and a HUGE signing for WVR.

Update #1: Ishii has signed for more than one fight. He has signed a provisional contract and on Thursday he will sign the real contract at an open to fans contract signing event in Japan.

Update #3: Ishii said that his decision to debut in Japan came after discussions with various people in the U.S., Japan, and Brazil. Also, e-mails and letters from fans and his University classmates showing respect towards him made him feel that he wants to fight in front of such people in Japan. He also wants to show his grandmother a match since she might not live much longer.

Ishii explained that he chose Sengoku because he respects the organization and they have fighters such as Josh Barnett and fellow judokas Yoshida, Takimoto, and Nakumura.

Definitely a huge signing for Sengoku.