Dana White talked a lot of smack about Kimbo Slice last year. Enough to create quite a bit of tension if they were ever put in the same room together, and now with Kimbo joining the cast of TUF 10, that’s going to happen quite often. In fact, it already did. Yesterday was the first day of shooting for the tenth season, and as Dana tells Carmichael Dave in the audio above, he doesn’t think Kimbo is a fan of his. Apparently, Kimbo is taking the show very seriously, and has every intention of being “The Ultimate Fighter” at the end of it.

“We shot episode one today. He walked into the gym and was, ah…lemme tell you what, he was pretty serious. He wasn’t messing around, he wasn’t joking. He wasn’t laughing. I don’t think he’s a big Dana White fan, either. You know, how could you be after all the things that have gone back and forth? So we’re gonna find out this season if he’s for real or not…

I said a lot of things about this guy, and I’m gonna tell you now, just like I would, I’ve got nothing but respect for him. This guy stepped up and he wants to fight on The Ultimate Fighter. And he’s dead serious about winning this thing too.”

Dana also implies that Kimbo, like every other contestant on the The Ultimate Fighter before him, isn’t getting paid to be on the show. That may be true, but as long as Kimbo doesn’t completely embarrass himself and the UFC wants to keep him around, whether he wins the show or not, it’s probably safe to say he’ll get a much bigger contract than previous cast members have received. Maybe not as big as he could get outside the UFC, and certainly not one for $500,000 a fight like he got paid on his last CBS fight, but definitely better than the standard $10k/$10k or whatever it is now.