Kimbo SliceThis is not a joke. At least, I don’t think it is.

Ever since people starting asking Dana White if he would ever sign Kimbo Slice to fight in the UFC, he always said only if Kimbo went through The Ultimate Fighter reality show first.

Well, pretty much everyone, including myself, blew it off thinking it would never happen. After all, why would Kimbo be willing to go from making the big bucks to making peanuts as just another TUF cast member? Well, either he no longer cares about money or he got some sort of special deal because Kimbo Slice is going to be a cast member on the tenth season of TUF. And apparently, this isn’t the only surprise Dana has up his sleeve.

Slice has called White’s bluff and will appear on Season 10 of the highly rated Spike TV series, White has confirmed.

“It should be interesting, given some of the things I’ve said about him,” White said.

White promised “some major surprises” as he announced on a Thursday conference call that Jackson and Evans, each of whom is a former light heavyweight champion, would serve as coaches on Season 10.

He declined to say anything further but urged reporters on the call not to miss media day, which is Tuesday at the UFC Training Center in Las Vegas.

Dana also confirmed that it will be an all heavyweight cast and all 16 will make it into the house meaning they won’t have to fight their way in like previous seasons.

I have to admit, of all Dana White’s announcements and surprises, this is first time I remember being truly shocked in quite a while. I haven’t watched even a minute of the current season, and wasn’t planning on watching the next, but with Kimbo Slice locked in a house with a bunch of other heavyweights, yeah, how can I not tune in? That’s a train wreck that might actually be worth watching.

And let’s not forget, Gary Shaw loses out to the UFC and Dana White once again. (Or maybe not, Cofield says it was a plan to throw everyone off the scent all along, which implies people were trying to sniff this out. Really?)