Phil Baroni
Baroni training for Riggs at Xtreme Couture

“He always shows up in shape, looking shredded and puffed up, but I think he’ll be pharmaceutically enhanced, too. Just because he doesn’t test positive for steroids doesn’t mean he’s not on them right now…I think if he is, and I’m not saying for sure that he is, but the classic sign of a guy like that is he comes out hard and then poops out fast. That’s what he’s done historically if you look at his career. He’s real dangerous for the first couple minutes and then he fades away. That’s pretty much the tell-tale sign of a steroid user. Who knows, he might come out and do something he’s never done before, like push hard for all three rounds. I highly doubt it, but if that’s the case I’m more than ready for it.”

—Joe Riggs, via Cage Potato, just throwing the possibility out there that Phil Baroni might be “pharmaceutically enhanced” for their fight this weekend at Strikeforce “Lawler vs Shields.”

Nice Joe, I’m sure Phil will really appreciate that. I seriously can’t wait to hear Baroni’s response to this.