Andrei ArlovskiAndrei Arlovski faces Brett Rogers this Saturday night. Should he win, there’s a possibility it could earn him a Strikeforce title shot against Alistair Overeem later this year.

However, while that interests him, what he really wants is another crack at the fighter who’s widely regarded as the best heavyweight in the world, Fedor Emelianenko.

Of course I’m interested … But more importantly for me is to have a rematch against Fedor. Like I said, I am beginning on my road to chase him everywhere. And I’m going to chase him, because if he’s a true champion and like he said, ‘I got a victory over Arlovski for all my orthodox fans,’ I just want to fight him again. I want to fight not only for my orhtodox fans, I want to fight for my Catholic, Muslim, Jewish fans … Just all my fans. To me, it sounds kind of hypocritical when he said, ‘I got a victory for all my orthodox fans.’ MMA is an international sport and I just want to fight for my fans; it doesn’t matter. I’m from Belarus, but my second home is the US, so I just want to fight for my fans. I just wish that nobody can beat him until I have a rematch against him.

The fact is that he beat me; he knocked me out. So, I am a contender and he’s the champion. So, I am just going to start chasing him again everywhere. I’m sure it will be a long way, but if somebody is going to give me a rematch right away, I would be more than happy.

Andrei’s wish really isn’t all that far-fetched. If Fedor is able to defeat Josh Barnett at Affliction “Trilogy,” really the only quality opposition left outside the UFC Fedor hasn’t beat are Alistair Overeem and Fabricio Werdum. The prospect of Fedor fighting in the UFC still seems like a pipe dream at best (although no one thought Kimbo would actually take Dana up on his TUF offer either, so who knows), and with Overeem and Werdum both in Strikeforce, it’s just one more obstacle to clear to book fights with them. Possible, but one more party involved to further complicate what already seems like an extremely difficult task to accomplish.

Considering Arlovski’s performance prior to the flying knee attempt, I think most would agree he’s worthy of a rematch. And while the picture is cloudy, at least at the moment, Fedor-Arlovski II seems like the least complicated fight for Affliction to book (assuming they’re still around) as long as M-1 doesn’t have any objections.

Personally, I’d rather more time go by and see Fedor fight heavyweights he hasn’t fought before like Overeem, but if it’s between that and Fedor returning to Japan to fight the Hong Man Choi’s of the world, I’d definitely take Fedor-Arlovski II.

Oh, and by the way, here’s what you can expect from Arlovski this weekend.

You know, in the press conference he said that he’s going to knock me out. I’m looking for victory … If I see an opportunity to knock him out, of course, I will knock him out. If I see an opportunity to take him down and do some leg locks, armbars or chokes, of course, I am going to do it.

In other words, expect Arlovski to win Saturday night.