Dana on Kimbo’s deal, or should I say potential deal.

People don’t get paid on The Ultimate Fighter. They get paid, but not a lot of money…[Kimbo’s] got a contract if he wins the show, he’s got a contract to fight in the UFC, and it’s a good one. That’s his carrot…

He has the same TUF deal. If he makes it into the UFC, his contract is different, a lot fucking different…If he can do this, he can make some real money.

Basically, it sounds like Kimbo passed up big paydays outside the UFC for a chance at legitimacy, potentially even larger paydays and stability with the UFC. It’s a risk since he has to perform well to get there, however, I think we can all agree that’s how it should be.

Dana also said Kimbo would not be receiving any special treatment, including delaying his first fight to extend ratings in case he loses.