Cagewriter continues to churn out videos of Dana White from the TUF 10 media day. In this one, Dana talks about the marketability of fighters. His philosophy is simple; he promotes the best fighters. People have been talking about the difficulty of promoting some of the foreign born fighters who don’t speak English for quite awhile. Dana disagrees. He doesn’t “give a fuck if a they can speak, read or write.” He says fight fans just want to see great fighters fight, not give speeches. Thoughts?

Dana goes on to say that he learned a long time ago not to base his business decisions such as contracts on how he thinks a particular fighter will perform (cites Pedro Rizzo’s big contract that didn’t work out as an example). Simply said you never know how the fights will turn out, and that’s the beauty of it, “reality is better than any script you could ever write.”

Dana also conceded that there was never a master plan to put Rampage, Rashad, Kimbo, and a bunch of ex-NFL players together for the tenth season of TUF. It just came together.

Also from the TUF 10 media day, Rampage Jackson addresses all the internet chatter that he ducked Machida and is afraid to fight him.