It only takes watching Ariel Helwani’s latest interview with Gegard Mousasi to know that he’s one ambitious 23-year-old. He’s definitely been making a name for himself in the past year or so, and with his Affliction/US debut coming up on August 1, it’s an opportunity to get his name out there to all the US fans who aren’t paying attention to Japan. As you know, he’s not going back down to middleweight, and plans on fighting at light heavyweight for 2-3 years before pulling an Alistair Overeem and blowing up to heavyweight. Mousasi says he’s interested in fighting in the UFC eventually, but not now since he’d only be able to fight 2-3 times a year, and that’s just not enough. He’ll fight Babalu at Affliction “Trilogy”, and then Sokoudjou a month later at DREAM.11 in the second round of the Super Hulk Tournament. His ultimate goal isn’t to become a world champion mixed martial artist though. He wants to test the waters first training with Freddie Roach, and if Roach thinks he has what it takes, he’d like to finish his career winning a world heavyweight title in boxing.