Michael Bisping & Dan HendersonA few months back, it was rumored that the winner of the Michael Bisping vs Dan Henderson UFC 100 fight would get the next middleweight title shot. Of course, that was before the whole Silva vs Leites debacle which sent the UFC scrambling to put Anderson in big fights.

There was talk at one point that Demian Maia could get the next shot, but being a BJJ guy, he became the unfortunate victim of Leites performance, or lack thereof. A more attractive option for the UFC might be Wanderlei Silva considering the feud that has erupted between him and the middleweight champ, however he’s probably going to need one more win if he gets past Rich Franklin, because according the Manchester Evening News, the Bisping-Henderson winner will in fact get the next middleweight title shot.

MICHAEL Bisping is aiming to be the first Briton to win an Ultimate Fighting Championship world title.

The 30-year-old from Clitheroe has been promised a shot at the mixed martial arts organisation’s middleweight crown if he comes through his clash with Dan Henderson in Las Vegas on July 11 and wins again at the M.E.N. Arena.

“Michael will fight Henderson at UFC 100 in Vegas, and the winner will get a world title shot,” a UFC spokesman said.

“And if that winner is Michael, we intend to take the fight to Manchester, just down the road from where he lives.

A middleweight title fight involving Michael Bisping in the UK would be huge for the UFC and their continued expansion in the country.

Of course for that to happen, Bisping has to get through Henderson first, and I’m having a hard time buying that he will.

Update: Or not, so says Fighters Only.

But a source close to Bisping tells Fighters Only that the reports had “taken 2 + 2 and made 5”.

According to the source, reports that Bisping is definitely getting a title shot if he beats Henderson are inaccurate. Instead there are currently “no firm plans” for the British middleweight past his UFC 100 fight.

The source added that even if Bisping does win against Henderson, he will likely have to beat one more opponent to get a shot at Anderson Silva.

Zak Woods isn’t buying it, and I don’t think I am either. If the UFC can justify putting Michael Bisping in a title fight in the UK, you better believe they’re going to take it.